Lyse øyeblikk

Total recall

What driving force brings this boy from the backwaters of rural Austria to become a household name around the Planet? How did he do it?
He formulates his goals and sets out to achieve them:
– become world champion / check
– become stinking rich / check
– become best paid moviestar in the world / check
– marry a Kennedy / check
– have a family / check
– have the factory design a private Hummer  / check
– become governor in California / check
– adress the UN assembly / check
– play golf with Mikhail Gorbachov / check
– go fishing with George Bush / check
Amazing what you can achieve in one lifetime with the right drive and rules to go by.

So here are Arnies rules:
– never let pride get in your way
– don´t overthink
– forget plan B
– use humor to settle scores
– the day has 24 hours
– do the reps, there are no short cuts
– don´t blame your parents
– change takes big balls
– take care of your body and your mind
– stay hungry; for making an impact, helping others, reach new goals, be useful

The book ends in an Eleanor Roosevelt Quote:
“Every day, do something that scares you.”

Inspiring, Arnold!

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