Lyse øyeblikk

Die Welle

I went to the movies yesterday. For the second day in a row. That happens once every ten years or so.
I went with Kristín and we saw the German movie Die Welle.
Based on a true story I believe.
About an experiment made in a German High School. I teacher wanted to teach his students about autocracy by staging an example.
His students, heirs of the Third Reich, believed that autocracy was unthinkable in their modern world. But he managed in the span of one project-week to create a full-blown autocratic group: Die Welle.
An interesting experiment with a dramatic conclution.
You cannot fuck with peoples feelings and social patterns without doing some damage.

A provoking movie.
And you have to ask yourself, is this a German thing? This need to march in line.
I do not see it happening i Iceland. Icelanders being so aggressively individualistic.

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