Lyse øyeblikk

Temporal flux

Breytingarskeið? Overgangsalder? Menopause? Climacteria.

What kind of ugly words are those? They don´t begin to describe the place my body is in right now. 

 I think I will resort to TrekTalk. My body is in a STATE OF TEMPORAL FLUX. And correspondingly my mind is phasing in and out of alignment. Janeway would have understood. She was facing temporal anomalies on a regular basis. My core is losing containment.  It is like a kind of puberty rewind. Fast rewind. I have a renewed sympathy for all teenagers going through the same kind of rewiring of their brains. Hormonal tempest.
I read somewhere that it is the female hormones that enables mothers to set their own needs aside and serve others (babies) with patience. I think it must be true. My patience is slowly running out. I can feel it.
It´s also hormones that enables women to do more than one thing at a time, as opposed to men .. I think I am loosing that as well. Now I really want to be allowed to consentrate on one thing at a time and do not want to be bothered with unneccesary details.
I am also finding it harder to organize my life, but that might just as well be a positive turn. There is such a thing as being too feminin.

It is an interesting and hellish experience

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