Lyse øyeblikk


I opened my own website in 2004 for no reason other than the fact that I thought it was cool to have a domain with my name on it.
My daughter had just graduated and we gave her her own domain as a graduation gift. www.
So I thought maybe I wanted one too …

I had no idea what to do with the site.
I wrote my name, put up some pictures and then sat down and scratched my head.
Now what?

I did not want it to be simply a blog. Then I would have signed on to a blogspot.
I have never been much interested i blogpostings. They usually are so trivial, and I did not want to bother my friends and family with the mundanities of my life. I did not want to write anything unless I had something to say – and I didn´t!

The first piece of text that I finally published on the site was a quite personal text about why I started powerlifting. I put it up in Icelandic and Norwegian. I felt exposed. I hoped no one would read it. And then I found out shortly after that everyone had read it. And enjoyed it.
I was taken aback.

I had obviously found my niche. I would write about my experience as a powerlifter – and I did.
And people read it and liked it. Even cut the texts out and put them up on walls for others to read. Even quoted me on occation. And encouraged me to go on. Even asked me to write about certain things.
I was even further taken aback.

My website grew. But I am still very selective about what I put up.

Lately I have started to write about more spiritual matters. My religion and believes. I wonder if anyone reads that? No one has commented so far.
Maybe it is just too weird. Or too personal.

To me faith is very personal, but one of the most interesting and worthwhile subjects to discuss. So I am open to comments….

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