Lyse øyeblikk

Skjaldbakan kemst þangað líka

If you ask my friends to define me in a few words I am sure some of them will tell you that I am effective and expedient.
Good at detailed planning and executing. Quick in spotting what needs to be done and in what order. Not beating about the bush. Not agonizing much over which choice to make. Not wasting energy on inessentials.
Think straight, plan carefully, follow the plan and getting things done without delay.

I am not saying this is necessarily a good thing. Occationally I could have benefited from taking more time, weighing options, consulting people. Effectiveness can sometimes be confused with impatience.
I am not saying it is a good thing, I am saying it is ME.

Being an invalid is a serious set-back these days. Movement is painstakingly slow. It takes me 20 minutes to clean one window pane. Whereas my effective yester-year self could windowclean the whole first floor in 20 minutes. Like the white tornado.

Now I need to temper my impatience.
That might very well be a good thing.

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