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Infrequently asked questions

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Some questions are too infrequently asked.
I.e. the question: Is that so?
Followed by the questions: Can you substantiate that?

Like, if someone tells you: invest you money in this Fund and it will triple in one year.
You should ask: Is that so? Can you prove that to me?

Or: the man on the third floor is a heroin addict.
Really? How do you know?

Or: my boss is an asshole.
You don´t say? In what respect exactly?

Or: women are bad drivers
Yeah? Have you looked at the statistics?

Or: celibacy leads to paedophilia.
Is that a fact? And you know that because you have done extensive research?

or whatever

Just don´t believe anything without checking the facts.

That is smart.

Really? Is that so??

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