Lyse øyeblikk

Aye-ya-fyah-dla jow-kudl ♥

Iceland is having a volcanic eruption, providing enough ash to strike the world with total consternation.
And provide linguists with an endless source of amusement and research.
The problem starts at the roots of the very mountain with the unpronouncable name Eyjafjallajökull. News reporters worldwide are having a hard time trying to get their tongues around it, Icelanders are laughing their heads off and the web is filling up with good advice and pronounciation lessons. Like never before.
The elite few who actually know how to pronounce it have created their own facebook group to set themselves apart from the phonetically challenged majority.
The talk shows and news channels are full-of-it

The euphemism E15 is being launched by the US airforce, refering to the first letter E+15.
A most American way out of the bushes.

And the Norwegians are asking themselves:
Hvorfor kan ikke SAS fly i aske når jeg kan fly i flint?

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