Lyse øyeblikk

bönn í stað boða

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I am a Christian, and then of course seriously pissed when someone fucks with my believes.
The Human Rights Board of Reykjavik now propose to ban cooperation between schools and religious groups. The ban is put forward in the name of Human Rights!

I am not only pissed because of my own religion.
I am also pissed on behalf of human rights activists around the world.

Human rights are serious business. People are killed in various parts of the world, for lack of them.

Banning schools to visit churches and familiarize their students with religious practice looks stupid to me.
Looks like bigotry and ayatholla-ism in reverse.
Illegal church visits versus compulsory church visits.

Thou shalt not ..

Seems naïve and stupid to me.
These people seem to think that if they ban the idea of God religion will eventually go away.

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