Lyse øyeblikk

The Theory of Everything – or – There Is No God.

Ever since Eve had her irresistable craving for apples, humans have been hungering for knowledge. An unquenchable thirst for knowledge. A need to know the answer to the questions. All questions. But the most FAQ is: where do I come from? How did the Universe come to be? And WHY??
The brainiest individuals of all times have been busy working on it. And now we are finally getting somewhere. We are facing a real break-through. According to Stephen Hawking it is only a matter of months before we have it. The Answer.

Up until now the scientists have not been able to correlate the theory of relativity to the theory of quantum mechanics. Or was it the other way around??
As far as I can understand (which is about as far as I can throw this piano) the force of gravity upset their formulas. But now they have found a way around it. They call it the String-theory. The Universe in its substance is made of tiny strings, vibrating each on its own frequency and rythm. Like a huge symphony orchestra.
They are perfecting this theory as we speak. With characteristic modesty they call it the Theory of Everything.

I don´t know. Really. I am a bit skeptical, I must admit.
With all due respect for Professor Hawking et. al.
They are hundreds of times brighter than I am, I will be the first to admit. But still …
Have they solved the mystery of all times?
I doubt it.
Throughout history man has constructed Creation myths and theories.
Hawking and the cave man are much alike in my view. They are both presenting their theory based on what they have been able to ascertain using the knowledge and equipment available to them at their given time in history. They are both doing their best. No one can prove them wrong. Not yet anyway.

I would like to congratulate the modern thinkers, though. The new Creation myth is very beautiful. Imagine the Universe made of music. Lovely. A glorious idea. I feel the beat already.

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