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Infrequently asked questions

Some questions are too infrequently asked.
I.e. the question: Is that so?
Followed by the questions: Can you substantiate that?

Like, if someone tells you: invest you money in this Fund and it will triple in one year.
You should ask: Is that so? Can you prove that to me?

Or: the man on the third floor is a heroin addict.
Really? How do you know?

Or: my boss is an asshole.
You don´t say? In what respect exactly?

Or: women are bad drivers
Yeah? Have you looked at the statistics?

Or: celibacy leads to paedophilia.
Is that a fact? And you know that because you have done extensive research?

or whatever

Just don´t believe anything without checking the facts.

That is smart.

Really? Is that so??

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Uke 16

18 – 24 april 2010

Søndag: Det ble ikke noe jentetreff i Oslo denne helgen. Jeg satt askefast i Keflavik. (Sånn, der fikk jeg brukt det nye ordet også!) Flybilletten min får jeg refundert.

Mandag: Skiftet til sommerdekk. Jeg har kjørt med piggdekk og dårlig samvittighet i hele vinter.

Tirsdag: Møte i framkvæmdanefnd. Jeg er fortsatt ganske kald i trøya, men enkelte ting er det bare tiden som kan gjøre noe med. Jeg liker å si minst mulig til jeg vet hva jeg snakker om.

Onsdag: Laugalækjarskóli feiret 50 års jubileum. Åpent hus i hele skolen fra 4 – 6. Vi hadde pyntet og ordnet i Tungumálaverið og fikk ganske mange gjester. Vi begynte med å gå i tog etter lúðrasveit Austurbæjarskóla. De spilte så fint og fengende, men i toget var det bare lærere og noen få venner av skolen. Ikke en eneste elev! Islendingene har igjen å lære at nøkkelen til et vellykket tog er å gjøre det obligatorisk og interessant for barna. Om kvelden var det middag for staben på Grand Hotel.

Torsdag: Sumardagurinn fyrsti. En utrolig oppfinnelse. Den islandske sommeren kommer jo aldri, så derfor har de innført en offisiell sommerdag. Nå er det altså sommer, ferdig med det. Vi feiret med stor grillfest a la Kristján i hagen til tross for iskulde. Hele familien (unntatt Dagný) spiste med oss. Aníta var hjertelig til stede.

Fredag: Aleine på jobben. Det kan være bra av og til, det også. Det kan bli mye gjort når det ikke er noen forstyrrelser. Ikke misforstå, det er bra AV OG TIL .. Sæa kom til kvelds, pasta a la Gísla. På kino med Sæa og Kristján og så Crazy heart. Ok. Da jeg slo på mobilen etter kinoen, lå den en invitasjon til bryllupsfeiring hos Erika og Smári i morgen. Det er første gang jeg har fått en slik invitasjon på sms.

Lørdag: Vi merket askenedfall i Reykjavík for første gang. Erika og Smári giftet seg i alle hemmelighet på onsdag og inviterte til fest i Smyrlahraun i kveld. Fullt hus av kjekke mennesker, god mat og mye latter.

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Good points

It’s all easy till it’s heavy.

If you’re bored, it’s not heavy enough.

If you seek your limits you will find them.

The next step off a peak is always down.

One should step down rather than fall off.

What you see depends on where you stand.

The higher you climb, the farther you see.

Simple doesn’t mean easy.

Avoid random acts of variety.

Start at your goal and work backwards.

The more injured people are, the better they listen.

It’s a meal, not a party.

You train for sport, you don’t do sport to train.

If you don’t have a goal and a deadline you are just exercising, not training.

Mark Reifkind. My thoughts exactly

Aye-ya-fyah-dla jow-kudl ♥

Iceland is having a volcanic eruption, providing enough ash to strike the world with total consternation.
And provide linguists with an endless source of amusement and research.
The problem starts at the roots of the very mountain with the unpronouncable name Eyjafjallajökull. News reporters worldwide are having a hard time trying to get their tongues around it, Icelanders are laughing their heads off and the web is filling up with good advice and pronounciation lessons. Like never before.
The elite few who actually know how to pronounce it have created their own facebook group to set themselves apart from the phonetically challenged majority.
The talk shows and news channels are full-of-it

The euphemism E15 is being launched by the US airforce, refering to the first letter E+15.
A most American way out of the bushes.

And the Norwegians are asking themselves:
Hvorfor kan ikke SAS fly i aske når jeg kan fly i flint?

We live in uncertain times

When I moved to Iceland three decades and some ago I knew I was entering a land of earthquakes, geysers and volcanic eruptions. It didn´t stop me.
People back home warned me and worried and wanted to know if I was scared.

I have a Norwegian friend here who always keeps an evacuation bag by her door, ready with batteries, water and tinned food. Just in case ..
Not me.
I was never scared, I was probably careless or lacking the imagination to envisage the danger.
It is like living with traffic. If you move into the streets you know there is a statistical chance that you will never make it home again. The odds are actually quite good that you will find yourself in some sort of traffic accident in your lifetime, hopefully a minor one.
But that does not stop you from going outside regularly. You do not think about it and consider the risks everytime you run for the bus.
Still the fear might lurk somewhere in the back of you head. And make you take whatever precautions you can.

It is the same living with the risk of earthquakes and volcanoes. Except it is not easy to take any precautions. You are more or less at the mercy of the elements.

We have been blessed/cursed with volcanic activity for weeks now. First we had a nice little tourist eruption in Fimmvörðuháls. It coincided with people´s easter holiday and thousands upon thousands took to the mountains in all sorts of vehicles to get a close encounter. I made plans to hire a helicopter and fly over it.
On the morning of April 14th I read in my morning paper that the eruption was over and no activity was now to be found in the area. I felt a sting of disappointment to have missed it, being too late with my helicopterplans.

And then my mother called and wanted to know if everything was ok.
Ok? Why?
That´s how I learned about the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull. A large eruption under the glacier spewing ash into the atmosphere like crazy and upsetting my schedule and travelling plans along with the schedules of almost every other European.

Not to mention the lives of people living “undir Eyjafjöllum”.

I always found Eyjafjallajökull such a nice little glacier. White and beautifully situated over the green pastures of Rangárvöllum and Fljótshlíð. Nice backdrop to countless pictures of Seljalandsfoss.