I have decided to start a new collection. A collection of pleasures. Is there anything more worth collecting? Not in my world anyway.
I have been blessed with the ability to find pleasure in everyday simple things. That is one of my favorite talents.

My pleasures so far today:

– Reading the morning paper in bed with a large mug of fragrant coffe.

– Enjoying one of my absolute favorite books, Allende: The House of Spirits, superbly translated into Icelandic by Þór Vilhjálmsson. I first read that book when I was 9 months pregnant with my third child. Maybe I was ununsually susceptible to the story because of my condition .. I was so fascinated by it that I brougth it with me to the maternity ward and put it down just long enough to have my baby. Then the only thing I wanted was to get back to the book! I am reading it now for the second time. It is a wonderful thing.

– Training without hurry. Usually I have to watch the clock during training because I need to get back to work or someone is waiting for me. Now that I have my summer holiday I can take as long as I want. That is nice.

– The knowledge that everyone in my family is safe and sound. That gives me intense pleasure, the ultimate joy.

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